Dementia care in Burlingame: Caregiver help from living in the fast lane

When you’re young, life can feel like a racetrack that goes around again and again. Plus, there’s lots of obstacles that have to be bypassed or dealt with. Just like a car race, though, it all goes by so quick! And before you know it, your life in Burlingame begins to slow waaay down. Retirement happens. You can’t get around very well, so outings with friends are more limited. If memory or some health issues start coming up, you consider moving to a nursing home. But inside, you still “feel young” and want to enjoy at least part of life in the “fast lane.” Thankfully, NuevaCare’s dementia care providers and team of caregivers can help bridge the gap between the “fast lane” and a nursing home so you can age gracefully and with dignity.

Burlingame dementia care providers can help seniors adjust to a changing lifestyle

Dementia care in Burlingame: Caregiver help from living in the fast lane

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Yes, getting older means that you’ll need to adjust from running at a “high gear” pace to a slower one. But that’s not all bad! Life as a senior adult in Burlingame can be fun, especially if you have a dementia care provider to assist and make it possible to live in the comfort of home.

If you aren’t convinced already, here’s a list with some ways caregivers can help you:

  • Dementia care providers can help seniors welcome guests into their home. Burlingame seniors can have assistance with meal preparation (or snacks for visiting family!), light housekeeping, grocery shopping or even with grooming / bathing so seniors can look and feel great when company comes.
  • Caregivers can take a lot of stress off of children and grandchildren. Seniors with dementia care needs could fall and forget who to contact or even accidentally overdose on medications. NuevaCare’s Burlingame caregivers can reduce family burdens by providing medication reminders and even online Family Room technology to keep everyone informed of what’s going on with seniors and the care provided. A caregiver can also monitor seniors when he or she visits and alert 911 or others as needed if unusual activity is detected.
  • For some people, one of the hardest challenges of slowing down is having less responsibilities and people dependent on you. A slower pace is nice, but can quickly turn into boredom or depression if left unchecked. Dementia care providers can ensure that seniors get quality time and companionship to ease loneliness and boredom. Activities seniors can do with caregivers range from board games to craft projects or even outings to a local Burlingame park or senior center. There’s lots of options!


Dementia care in Burlingame: Caregiver help from living in the fast lane
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