Cancer care concerns: Celebrating birthdays with Redwood City seniors

Every day is a gift…a combination of the routine and unexpected surprises. It gives each person opportunities to bless and encourage others or to fill them with discouragement and frustration. And, for Redwood City seniors dealing with cancer and receiving cancer care assistance, life is especially precious. That’s why it’s important to celebrate birthdays!

Making moments count with Redwood City seniors receiving cancer care

Cancer care concerns: Celebrating birthdays with Redwood City seniors

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Here in the USA, we love to have birthday celebrations. Life comes with challenges and a birthday is a perfect way for each person to remember the past and look forward to the future. Yes, birthday excitement wanes as Redwood City children grow into adults and then face the senior adult years. But a birthday is still worth enjoying…even for seniors. Each life has worth. Young or old, you and your Redwood City senior matter.

Here’s a few ways you can help your senior receiving cancer care to celebrate his or her upcoming birthday.

  • If your loved one is turning a milestone year, like 65, 70, 80, 100 etc, then why not consider having a big party! Invite as many friends, family and people from the local Redwood City community that you possibly can. If the birthday is during the summer, maybe the party could be a potluck at a local park. You could have watermelon eating contests, sack races and more for the grandkids. Of course, it will depend on how serious your senior’s cancer diagnosis is and on his or her overall health.
  • An alternative (and probably better option) to a big party is to have a card shower for your aging parent. This will ensure that no one has to deal with the stress of organizing a party, but will show your senior just how much he or she is loved. Encouraging words to someone receiving chemotherapy and cancer care assistance can mean the world!
  • Or, keep the birthday celebration in the family. You and your senior’s cancer care provider can plan a special day that centers around your Mom or Dad. This could include anything from a meal at home with the kids to a day visiting the zoo or even just some balloons, flowers and a stuffed bear from the local florist shop.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that birthdays are worth celebrating because your senior is worth celebrating. Cancer is a dreaded and scary disease to face, but your senior is not alone. Celebrate life this year and help your senior get the cancer care support he or she needs!

Cancer care concerns: Celebrating birthdays with Redwood City seniors
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