Cancer care and San Mateo seniors: Everyone is beautiful

The saying goes, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”1 As you well know, Snow White’s nemesis lived as the “most beautiful” until Snow herself became the one the Magic Mirror deemed the prettiest.2 You can read the story yourself to learn how things ended, but what does all this have to do with cancer care in San Mateo? Well, it’s a good thing you asked…check out the below for more!

Beauty isn’t skin deep…San Mateo seniors and cancer care

Cancer care and San Mateo seniors: Everyone is beautiful

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Your San Mateo senior is beautiful! Have you really taken time to think about that? Just like you, your loved one used to dance, sing, party with friends until late at night, cry over a broken heart and dream about the future. Your senior receiving cancer care.

Yes, life with a career, young kids and a busy life was different for him or her several decades ago. But inside, your San Mateo senior is still the same person. He or she may now have wrinkled skin, memory loss and a body fighting cancer, but will still have the same personality, smile and sense of humor even today.

So, in reality, the Magic Mirror lies. Beauty isn’t just about white skin, dark hair and sparkling eyes. It’s about the heart too. Cancer care can be a very difficult job and it’s hard to see your loved one go through chemotherapy and hair loss. You can have hope, though, through the tough times because you aren’t in the battle alone. NuevaCare’s team of cancer care providers wants to help your senior during the good and even the bad days. A caregiver can make life easier to handle by assisting with transportation to and from the doctor’s office / hospital. Caregivers can also work to grocery shop and prepare meals tailored to your senior’s dietary needs and restrictions. On really hard days, a caregiver can be the listening ear your loved one needs.

Don’t believe the mirror on your wall. It’s not a true reflection of who you…or your senior…really is.

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Cancer care and San Mateo seniors: Everyone is beautiful
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