Coffee, anyone? It might help Belmont seniors with dementia care needs

“Just give me a good ‘ol cup of Joe.” Coffee is synonymous with the morning routine, with going to meet a friend and with comfort. Some people are coffee snobs who only like coffee made from a certain imported bean. Others can barely stand the strong flavor, so they load up their drinks with creamer and seasonal additives like pumpkin spice. Regardless of how you take your coffee, everyone can agree that it’s here to stay. And, for seniors with dementia care needs, this is a very good thing. In this post, we’ll talk about how caffeine can be beneficial to your Belmont senior.

Belmont seniors with dementia care needs may get a memory boost from caffeine

You probably already know that coffee is a great stimulant and helps with focusing attention. After all, that’s why many people drink it in the mornings! But did you know that coffee (more specifically, caffeine) can help protect against the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? Yes, caffeine can be a simple way for dementia care providers to help Belmont seniors get through the day and, at the same time, boost their long-term memory and overall mood.

Essentially, caffeine may work as a protective agent against buildup of damaging proteins in the brain.1 Some have even tied it to a reduced chance for diabetes, which may have a correlation to dementia.2

However, too much caffeine can be too much of a good thing. Since caffeine is a stimulant, it can carry addictive powers with it. Dementia care providers should be careful to monitor Belmont seniors and their caffeine intake, as too much can actually cause dehydration.3 Caffeine can also cause blood pressure spikes if too much is consumed.4

If your Belmont senior likes to enjoy his or her coffee later in the day, dementia care providers should redirect him or her from caffeine in the evenings and instead opt for a cup of caffeine-free chamomile tea or some warm milk with honey. These options will encourage sleep and help seniors develop healthy wake-sleep patterns throughout the week.

For Belmont seniors who don’t like coffee, dementia care providers can provide alternative sources for caffeine intake. Green tea and small amounts of dark chocolate are both healthy options.5 Your senior’s NuevaCare caregiver can go grocery shopping and offer meal preparation help to incorporate caffeine selectively throughout each day. Of course, seniors should discuss any health regimen with a doctor beforehand.

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Coffee, anyone? It might help Belmont seniors with dementia care needs
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