Summer cruises for Los Altos seniors receiving dementia care

Oh yes, oh yes, summer travel season is here! Adventures are waiting to happen as kids enjoy the time away from school and parents relish long evenings walking on the beach. But families aren’t the only ones who can have fun traveling. Seniors love travel too! Just because your Los Altos senior has memory struggles and is receiving dementia care, doesn’t mean that he or she can’t experience the joys of traveling.

All aboard! Los Altos seniors receiving dementia care can cruise

Summer cruises for Los Altos seniors receiving dementia care

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Traveling can be a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of work as well. After all, you need to book the transportation tickets or fuel / tune up the car, plan the itinerary, pack the suitcases and get time off of work. True, Los Altos seniors like your loved one don’t have to worry about time…they have a flexible schedule that’s perfect for extended travels.

However, medications, limited mobility and health issues can make travel much more difficult. NuevaCare’s dementia care team is aware of this and wants to help your Los Altos senior be prepared for summer travel season and know the available options.

One possible option for seniors with dementia care needs is to take a cruise! Did you know that there’s even a cruise specifically designed for caregivers and their loved ones with dementia?!1 Even if your senior doesn’t take a cruise specifically tailored to those receiving dementia care, he or she still might enjoy the benefits of a cruise versus other travel methods. Below are some advantages of cruises for Los Altos seniors.

Advantages for seniors vacationing on a cruise ship

  • Traveling via cruise ship gives your senior an itinerary. While on a cruise, passengers will be able to look at a daily schedule and (depending on the cruise) will have time to relax on the boat between destinations. A schedule will give peace-of-mind to seniors with dementia who easily get confused or disoriented. Plus, it makes the whole planning and traveling experience less stressful.
  • Cruise ships offer a wide variety of amenities that can please the whole family. Even if your senior has limited mobility and can’t get out to do sightseeing, he or she can still enjoy the movie theater, games and other activities on board the ship. What a perfect way for Grandma or Grandpa to join you on a trip that’s fun for everybody!
  • Cruises usually have a generous selection of food options. Make sure to alert the staff if your Los Altos senior has special dietary restrictions. This can make it much easier for seniors while traveling, especially if your senior has medications that need to be taken with food at specific times throughout the day. Or, get room service for your senior receiving dementia care. Yes, traveling can be this convenient!

In summation, even if your Los Altos senior can’t travel, he or she can enjoy the summer months. NuevaCare’s dementia care team is dedicated to helping your loved one live life to the fullest…whether it’s helping him or her pack for a family cruise trip or assisting with transportation to a local senior center for yoga.

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Summer cruises for Los Altos seniors receiving dementia care
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