Home care providers can help Foster City seniors with dating advice!

Your friend invited you to a party and, even though you didn’t really want to go, you decided to anyways to support your friend. You arrive at the party, get some refreshments and find a place to sit. While looking around the room, you see another party-goer looking your way. Your eyes meet and he comes over to talk. It’s instant attraction and he gets your phone number before you leave. On the way home, your friend asks, “So how are your kids going to react to the fact that you’re over 60 and interested in dating?” Yes, this story is about a Foster City senior! In this post, we’ll discuss some ways that home care providers can help and encourage your senior while navigating the dating waters.

Relationships, home care and your Foster City senior

Dating can be complicated at any age, but that doesn’t mean that your Foster City senior should give up on finding love as a mature adult. Online dating is a common way to seek out a relationship and can be an exciting new avenue for your senior. Home care providers should be cautious and protective of seniors, but allow them to make their own decisions. If your senior needs assistance on the computer, a caregiver can help with finding an appropriate online dating site (there are lots of options!) as well as with taking a profile picture and in writing a description of your senior for the site. Home care providers can also assist with looking at possible matches with your Foster City senior and talking through who might be good options.

Once your senior meets someone or wants to go out on a date, your senior’s home care provider can assist with transportation to and from the first date and even meet the other party if desired. This can take a strain off of children who probably will worry about their beloved parent’s safety while on the date.

Yes, finding love is an exhilarating and stressful experience. Children have a right to be concerned…finances, change in family dynamics, physical and emotional safety are all at stake. These concerns should be discussed fully at a family meeting before any relationship gets serious or before beginning online dating. However, with the blessing of family and the help of a NuevaCare home care provider, your Foster City senior can go with confidence into a new phase of life!


Home care providers can help Foster City seniors with dating advice!
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