Picture perfect moments with Hillsborough seniors receiving dementia care

They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” While this may not be actually true, it is worth a lot to have a good family portrait…especially if it includes the youngest children and your very special Hillsborough senior. Family gatherings are perfect opportunities to snap some pictures and, if you’re planning to get together this weekend for Easter, check out these tips for getting good photos with the family and your senior receiving dementia care.

Dementia care and capturing memories in Hillsborough

Picture perfect moments with Hillsborough seniors receiving dementia care

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Here’s some tips for gathering the family together and taking that special photo you’ll cherish for years.

  • Ask the family to color-coordinate outfits. Your family may be all decked out in their Easter finest, but, if possible, try to communicate with everyone before the big day about what color scheme you have in mind. You could go all out and have everybody wear a certain color or just keep it simple and have everyone wear denim or a bandanna or some sort of matching accessory. If you can’t coordinate, don’t sweat it…the smiles on your family’s faces are what really counts! A NuevaCare caregiver can ensure that your Hillsborough senior with dementia care needs is set for the picture by assisting with grooming, bathing and dressing tasks.
  • Have someone else assigned to take the photo(s). This sounds like a no-brainer, but can be easy to forget without planning ahead of time. If you want a professional photographer, be prepared to pay for what you get…a good photographer will know how to arrange the family groupings, will plan for the location of the photo shoot and will know what time of day to best take the photo if you’re shooting outdoors. Beware that outdoor photos could be hard for children and seniors receiving dementia care, so plan accordingly. Your senior’s Hillsborough caregiver could take the photo in a pinch too, but won’t have “professional” photo skills.
  • Bring a couple of chairs to the Hillsborough photo shoot. Even if the family members will be standing during the pictures, you’ll probably want to offer a chair to your senior receiving dementia care assistance so that he or she doesn’t fall or trip or become too tired from the outing. Taking good photos can take time, especially if you have a large group of people and young children are in the mix.

Taking good photographs is truly an art and can be a pain to execute properly. However, the effort spent in gathering the family for a photo shoot will be well-worth it in the years to come and will be a special keepsake for your senior receiving dementia care.

Picture perfect moments with Hillsborough seniors receiving dementia care
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