Dental Care in Millbrae: Helping Seniors with Dementia Care Needs

As the song from Annie goes, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”1 Yes, your smile is a distinguishing and memorable characteristic that people will notice right away. It indicates happiness, pleasure and a welcoming attitude. Even the Cheshire cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was remembered for his smile.2 But what if you’re a Millbrae senior and you’re embarrassed about your teeth? What if you know that dental care is important but struggle with the costs of care and even remembering to care for them? Thankfully, NuevaCare’s dementia care team can help.

Dementia care and counting the costs of dental care in Millbrae

Dental Care in Millbrae: Helping Seniors with Dementia Care Needs

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Dental care woes are not a new struggle. Even our first president, George Washington, famously dealt with the pain and shame of bad oral health.3 Even so, it can be hard to keep up with the daily care required for maintaining good teeth and gums…especially for Millbrae seniors who have dementia care needs. But it’s worth the time and hassle for seniors to have improved overall well-being. Good oral health is also beneficial to the pocketbook and keeping costs down.

Costs associated with dental care

  • Millbrae seniors with good teeth should take care to brush and floss daily to stave off tooth and root decay. Dementia care providers like those at NuevaCare can help accomplish these routine, but important, tasks. The costs of toothpaste and floss are minor compared to the pain and fear associated with visiting the dentist to get a cavity filled or root canal done.
  • Dentures can be messy, costly and even painful (if they don’t fit well). If your Millbrae senior has to get dentures, ensure that he or she takes good care of them so as to avoid further mouth issues or surgery.
  • Tooth or mouth pain can affect diet and eating habits as well. Left unchecked, this could cause a chain reaction of other health issues relating to poor nutrition. A dementia care provider can help your Millbrae senior eat healthy, well-balanced meals by assisting with grocery shopping and meal preparation duties.

Did you know that good oral health might help prevent dementia?4 Whether or not this is true, encourage your senior today to get the good oral health he or she needs! NuevaCare’s dementia care team looks forward to helping your Millbrae senior achieve this goal.

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Dental Care in Millbrae: Helping Seniors with Dementia Care Needs
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