Diabetes Care Treats for Seniors on Memorial Day in Redwood City

Next week, Americans celebrate a holiday weekend! Known as Memorial Day weekend, this holiday kicks off the summer season and is a special time to remember loved ones that have passed away, particularly those who served in the military for our country. NuevaCare is very grateful for all our seniors and our diabetes care team wants to help your Redwood City senior enjoy a special time with family.

Grilling and more: Summer eats for Redwood City seniors receiving diabetes care

Diabetes Care Treats for Seniors on Memorial Day in Redwood City

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What are your plans for Memorial Day? Whether you’re going to the lake, traveling out of town or just relaxing at home, there’s plenty of good summertime food to enjoy. Even if you or your Redwood City loved ones suffer from diabetes, you can still eat well. Check out our foodie tips for seniors receiving diabetes care below.

Get out the grill, baby! There’s nothing that screams summer more than the sight and smell of a charcoal grill. Seniors with diabetes care needs can benefit from the grill, as it adds delicious flavor to dishes while keeping things healthy. Some ideas include grilled chicken, salmon or another grilled fish or even turkey burgers. Just be careful what marinade or dry rub you put onto the meat, as this can turn a protein into a “con-tein”!

Many vegetables are readily available in the summer, which means that your Redwood City senior has no excuse for not eating healthy! Options include grilling veggies as well as roasting vegetables to tenderize them and bring out the sweetness. Or, simply cut up the veggies and make a refreshing salad. Top it off with some hard-boiled eggs and a light dressing and you’re good to go!

NuevaCare’s diabetes care providers can come to your senior’s home each week and work on meal preparation so your loved one will have diabetic-friendly meals every day. A NuevaCare caregiver will even do the grocery shopping if necessary, which will make life easier for your senior and eliminate your worries about carrying heavy bags of food out of the store and into the home.

Regardless of your plans for Memorial Day, don’t forget to remember the special seniors in your life. They’ve given so much of their lives for yours!


Diabetes Care Treats for Seniors on Memorial Day in Redwood City
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