Diabetes care in San Carlos: Helping seniors maintain a heart-healthy life

Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to celebrating matters of the heart. True, the special day is meant to be focused on love between individuals, but it doesn’t hurt to serve as a reminder for good heart health. For San Carlos seniors with diabetes care needs, keeping a heart-healthy lifestyle is especially important.

Valentine’s Day for San Carlos seniors: Good diabetes care includes caring for the heart

Diabetes care in San Carlos: Helping seniors maintain a heart-healthy life

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How can San Carlos caregivers work to ensure that the seniors under their care get the resources and attention needed for good heart health? Below are some ideas for diabetes care.

  • Nutritional meals – Seniors with diabetes need to eat a diet low in fat and high in fiber and Omega-3. Whole grains and lots of yummy vegetables / fruit are encouraged as well. NuevaCare’s San Carlos team can meal plan, grocery shop and provide meal preparation assistance for your senior. It can be discouraging to eat a restricted diet, but the support of a diabetes care provider will make mealtimes a lot more fun for your senior. Meal prep help will also take stress off of family members, so they don’t have to worry about the numerous things that could go wrong if their senior prepared his or her own food. Dangers for seniors could include eating unhealthy foods or ones that went bad, forgetting to eat, injury in the kitchen or even potential issues at the grocery store such as falling, losing money/credit cards and more.
  • Doctor Visits – NuevaCare’s diabetes care providers can accompany seniors to doctor visits if needed so that important information is conveyed to someone who can take notes and give updates to family members. This is valuable for ensuring good heart health, as seniors need to be aware of their cholesterol numbers, blood pressure etc.
  • Exercise – People of all ages need to exercise a few times a week to keep fit, improve mood and encourage heart health. Even seniors need to exercise! NuevaCare’s San Carlos caregivers can offer transportation help to get seniors to and from a class at a local senior center or even to the mall or a park.
  • Laughter is good medicine. Like exercise, humor relieves stress and it also helps protect against heart disease. Caregivers can provide companionship to lonely seniors and provide a welcome smile and positive voice to the home.


Diabetes care in San Carlos: Helping seniors maintain a heart-healthy life
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