Diabetes care and smoking: Should Woodside seniors quit for their health?

In today’s world, we know that smoking is an unhealthy habit that can cause serious internal damage…even for people who inhale the smoke secondhand.1 However, should Woodside senior adults who’ve smoked for many years give up a lifelong habit? How does smoking affect those with diabetes and receiving diabetes care? We’ll take a look at these questions in this post.

Can quitting a smoking habit help your Woodside senior receiving diabetes care?

Diabetes care and smoking: Should Woodside seniors quit for their health?

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The answer to the question about whether quitting can help seniors is a resounding yes. Smoking is detrimental to your breathing and can make it hard for Woodside seniors to have the lung capacity to handle exercising throughout the week. If your senior receiving diabetes care quits smoking, he or she can enjoy longer walks outside accompanied by a caregiver.

Smoking also costs extra money that can be better spent on healthy living. By quitting, your Woodside senior would have additional cash-on-hand and the ability to save up for a vacation or even just a fun evening out with family. NuevaCare’s diabetes care providers offer transportation assistance to make outings even easier.

Since smoking is an addictive habit, it can be very difficult to quit. However, it is doable even during the golden years. It’s worthwhile to quit as well…seniors with diabetes care needs will likely benefit from lowered blood sugar levels as a result of quitting.2 In addition, smoking limits blood flow, so, combined with poor circulation as a result of diabetes, this can easily become a serious problem.3 Make sure that your senior talks to a doctor before beginning to quit or before starting to use a nicotine patch, gum or other similar product.

Regardless of what’s been mentioned above, you can’t make your Woodside senior quit smoking if he or she doesn’t want to. This is a decision that takes a personal commitment as well as encouragement and support from family, caregivers and friends in order to accomplish. NuevaCare’s caregivers can help facilitate many activities (such as knitting, doing puzzles, gardening, baking etc) and provide healthy snacks and supportive words to help your senior if he or she chooses to make this important lifestyle change!

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Diabetes care and smoking: Should Woodside seniors quit for their health?
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