Osteoporosis: What is it and how can senior care help my Foster City loved one?

You may not even think about it, but there’s “no bones about it” that osteoporosis is a dangerous condition.1 It can send seniors to the emergency room and make normal life very difficult. And yet, it can often go unnoticed. Foster City seniors and their families should be aware of this and take necessary precautionary measures to help offset the dangers of this treatable disease. One option is to hire a senior care provider to help with this.

Foster City Senior Care and Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis: What is it and how can senior care help my Foster City loved one?

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Osteoporosis means “porous bone” and thus, obviously, refers to the weakening of the skeletal system as humans age.2 Foster City seniors with weakened or thinning bones are much more prone to breakage if they trip and fall while moving about a room or climbing stairs. Thus, it’s very important to minimize potential dangers around the house, like extension cords, inadequate lighting or uneven flooring. If your senior’s home has lots of stairs, consider moving the bedroom down to the main level of the house. Talk to your loved one’s senior care provider about additional ideas.

Now that we’ve discussed what osteoporosis actually is, let’s explore some options that can help to counteract the dangers of the disease. Senior care providers like those at NuevaCare can work with your Foster City senior on any of the suggestions below.

  • NuevaCare’s senior care team can help your aging parent with meal preparation and grocery shopping. These routine duties are critical to ensuring that seniors get the calcium and Vitamin-D nutrients needed for healthy bones. Your Foster City senior won’t have to worry about the fuss of dealing with fresh fruits and vegetables…a caregiver will make sure that he or she has nutritious, well-balanced meals and even quick snacks available.
  • Medication reminders and assistance at doctor visits can also go a long way towards helping your Foster City senior stay healthy. A senior care provider can provide transportation to and from the doctor’s office and even go into the appointment with your senior if needed. Some medications can cause bone loss, so it’s important that the doctor’s orders are followed regarding dosage of meds.
  • Senior care providers can also encourage your Foster City senior to get the exercise he or she needs. Exercise can help stimulate bone growth and is important for overall mood and well-being. A caregiver can come alongside your senior and make sure that he or she gets exercise and doesn’t fall or get injured while out and about. If an injury does occur, the caregiver can quickly help your senior in getting to a health professional for assistance.

Don’t underestimate the danger of osteoporosis! Help your senior live an informed life by encouraging him or her to get a bone density test3 and start making healthy choices.

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Osteoporosis: What is it and how can senior care help my Foster City loved one?
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