Game night fun in San Carlos for seniors receiving diabetes care

If you’re bored, try playing a board game! One great way to involve the whole family (including your San Carlos senior) is to have a family game night. This could be something your senior hosts on a weekly, monthly basis or could even just be a yearly event when you come to visit your senior receiving diabetes care over the holidays.

Board games and food: Ideas for San Carlos seniors receiving diabetes care

Game night fun in San Carlos for seniors receiving diabetes care

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Whatever the occasion, your senior will treasure the time spent with family making memories. Keep in mind that seniors will get tired earlier in the evening, so a “game night” might need to be scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon instead of the evening.

Of course, if your San Carlos senior is hosting a family game night, he or she will want to have yummy snacks and munchies (salty and sweet) for guests to enjoy. Unfortunately for seniors with diabetes, this can be more of a challenge. Thankfully, NuevaCare’s diabetes care team can offer grocery shopping and meal preparation (or snack prep!) assistance for seniors with special dietary restrictions. Diabetes-friendly snacks could be as simple as a veggie tray, an assortment of nuts, some olives (if your senior likes them!), healthy, low-calorie popcorn and some various fruits.

If alcohol is going to be served, caregivers offering diabetes care assistance should be watchful that your senior doesn’t overdo him- or herself so as to avoid any blood glucose issues with alcohol.1 Please consult with a doctor regarding your San Carlos senior’s specific restrictions regarding libations.

As far as the games to play, there are tons of options to choose from! Some ideas for your San Carlos board game players:

  • Bingo is the classic game for seniors and perfect for a large group of family members or friends. Your senior receiving diabetes care can get transportation assistance from his or her caregiver to the local senior center for a fun night of bingo if they play regularly. He or she might even come home with some extra cash!
  • Uno, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry! and Tiddlywinks are all great kid-friendly games that San Carlos grandparents can play with their grandchildren. Seniors will have such fun teaching a new game to young children or playing an old favorite together.
  • Bridge – Your senior receiving diabetes care could even start a local Bridge club! If he or she lives in a neighborhood with other seniors nearby, it could be something that promotes community with several other neighbor ladies and gentlemen.

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Game night fun in San Carlos for seniors receiving diabetes care
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