Hillsborough diabetes care and celebrating long-distance holidays

This year, the Fourth of July lands on a Wednesday, which can make it more difficult for families to get together to celebrate. If you live far away from your Hillsborough senior, this can be especially hard. Thankfully, NuevaCare’s diabetes care team can help your loved one enjoy the holiday even if you can’t be with him or her in person.

Diabetes care providers can help your Hillsborough senior celebrate the Fourth of July

For seniors with dietary concerns and receiving diabetes care, mealtime has the potential to be disappointing. And yes, the Fourth of July usually involves lots and lots of sugary, salty and otherwise unhealthy munchables. However, summertime means that fruit and vegetables are readily available. NuevaCare’s diabetes care providers can help your Hillsborough senior plan a fun holiday menu and offer meal preparation assistance to put together a healthy, diabetes-friendly meal. A caregiver can offer companionship encouragement by staying to eat with your loved one so that he or she isn’t alone while eating.

For seniors with family far from home, social involvement is key to staying positive and motivated. A diabetes care provider can offer transportation assistance to take your loved one to a local senior center for their Fourth of July program if they have one. Or, check and see if an area church or park is having a celebration that would be fun for your senior. A caregiver can go with your senior to the event and make sure that details like sunscreen / bug spray, a comfortable chair, wheelchair accessibility if needed and ear plugs for fireworks are taken care of. Your senior will also be able to leave early this way if the event goes too late.

Your Hillsborough senior’s caregiver can also facilitate a Skype / FaceTime or phone conversation with your loved one and his or her long-distance family members. Even if you all can’t physically be together, at least you’ll be able to share a few moments talking. Your senior will greatly appreciate the effort made!

Other ideas for connecting with your long-distance senior include:

  • Send small gifts to your senior receiving diabetes care! This could be anything from a pair of funky, patriotic sunglasses to a new book by your senior’s favorite author.
  • Watch the same patriotic movie on the Fourth of July. You can tell your senior and his or her caregiver that your family will be watching Mr Smith Goes to Washington, The Patriot, Forrest Gump or another great film on the Fourth1. You’ll feel like you’re having a “shared experience” even though you’re not watching it at the same location.
  • Make sure that your senior has access to your family photos from the Fourth. If your loved one has a social media account, ensure that he or she knows how to view them online. Or, if social media isn’t an option, you could email the pictures or even print them out and snail mail them if necessary. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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Hillsborough diabetes care and celebrating long-distance holidays
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