Home Care & Entrepreneurship: Encouraging Foster City Seniors to Enjoy Life

They say that “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”1 And it’s true. Sour situations will come in this life, but if you handle them with grace and a positive attitude, the situation won’t seem as hard. Plus, if you turn those lemons into a small business (aka lemonade stand) the added benefit of a few extra dollars doesn’t hurt either! Speaking of entrepreneurs, your Foster City senior receiving home care assistance might enjoy starting a small business. Below are some suggestions and an explanation.

Moneymaking ideas for Foster City seniors receiving home care

Home Care & Entrepreneurship: Encouraging Foster City Seniors to Enjoy Life

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One of the biggest benefits of being a senior adult is having more free time! Gone are the long work days, the timecards, the frustrating co-workers and the dull office. Unfortunately, this can cause boredom in seniors who don’t know what to do with themselves post-retirement. Enter entrepreneurship.

Your Foster City senior’s home care provider can go a long way in encouraging your senior to use his or her time wisely. This could even include starting a small side business for fun and a little extra cash. Your senior’s caregiver will need to make sure that the business doesn’t interfere with or overtake your loved one’s general well-being in any way, though. If the business starts to cause undue stress, then your senior’s home care provider should gently encourage the senior to begin a different hobby. Here are some small business ideas:

  • One obvious idea is a lemonade stand! Everyone in the neighborhood will want to buy lemonade from the cute elderly person down the street. If your senior’s home care provider supervises, this can be a wonderful opportunity for your senior to be outside and to interact with other people.
  • Another option would be for your loved one to start dog or cat sitting for others. This could be a stretch for your Foster City senior, depending on whether he or she is more active or has limited mobility.
  • If your senior knows a foreign language or two, he or she might be able to offer services as a translator. This is a great way to earn money and benefit others with valuable skills…all from home! See the links below for some unaffiliated options.

Regardless of the job, your Foster City senior will likely enjoy the outlet for creativity and love the opportunity to feel of value to others. Don’t forget to include your senior’s home care provider as you and your loved one explore the possibilities. Life’s too short not to have a glass of that lemonade!

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Home Care & Entrepreneurship: Encouraging Foster City Seniors to Enjoy Life
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