Red light…stop! Home care transportation solutions for Los Altos seniors

One of the greatest fears aging parents have is the fear of becoming isolated. And, losing the ability to drive will contribute to that isolated feeling. As your parents age, they will feel less included in mainstream activities such as birthdays or dinners with friends. That’s because they move more slowly and can be less ambitious than younger generations around them. Thankfully, NuevaCare’s home care team can help seniors stay safe while still getting involved in the local Los Altos community.

Home care can help ensure safety on the Los Altos roadways

Senior adults over the age of 75 and especially senior adults over the age of 80 need reassurance that their lives still matter. NuevaCare’s home care team offers transportation assistance so Los Altos seniors can get to and from all the events they still long to be a part of. Don’t just decide to remove the driving privileges from your senior receiving home care without talking to him or her. The results could be disastrous. Seniors who lose driving privileges will often be angry and depressed because they feel one more step of isolation and uselessness. Don’t let that happen!

Loss of driving privileges doesn’t have to signal the end of useful life for your senior. Instead, aging Los Altos adults need to be challenged to embrace some change. This change can be a tremendous burden lifted from your senior as well as the rest of the family.

Questions to ask yourself about your senior’s driving

Consider hiring a home care professional at NuevaCare to assist with transportation. Questions that may define the decision to remove your senior’s driving privileges might include:

  • Would I feel safe riding with my Mom or Dad?
  • Would I allow my son or daughter to ride with my Los Altos senior receiving home care?
  • If you don’t feel comfortable riding with your loved one, should you be willing to risk them driving on a public road where many lives are at risk? This is could be an overlooked consequence. When your senior drives, he or she also can affect others.

When the keys are taken from your loved one, have a plan in place to allow him or her to continue to live in community. Even though your senior is still living at home, he or she doesn’t have to live a life of isolation and depression. NuevaCare offers seniors the ability to thrive in new friendships and opportunities! Let transportation become fun again…we can help your parent get to appointments and social events on time.

Red light…stop! Home care transportation solutions for Los Altos seniors
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