Lawn care tips for Peninsula seniors receiving cancer care help!

For Peninsula seniors living at home, it’s important to minimize potential risks for injury within the house itself. Staircases, poor lighting and small doorways may all need modifications in order to make life for your loved one receiving cancer care safer and more accessible. However, the interior of the home shouldn’t be the only consideration. In today’s post, we look at lawn care and exterior maintenance considerations that should be taken into account.

Peninsula seniors with cancer care needs should consider hiring a lawn expert

How big is your Peninsula senior’s lawn? Does it have large grassy areas that need regular maintenance? What type(s) of trees are growing in the yard? Does your senior have an irrigation system that runs regularly? Does your senior’s HOA have special requirements for the exterior of the home? These are all questions that you should ask when considering lawn maintenance needs. Yes, it can be intimidating. And, if your senior is undergoing cancer treatments, you’re probably dealing with more than enough already.

NuevaCare’s cancer care team wants to help alleviate the stress you’re having. With help from a cancer care provider, your Peninsula senior will have someone to take him or her to doctor’s appointments, go grocery shopping and even do meal preparation for the week so healthy, quick meals are ready to go. When your senior is feeling discouraged, a caregiver can provide the encouragement and strong hand needed to make it through the day. NuevaCare’s cancer care team doesn’t offer lawn care maintenance, but below are some tips for you as you consider ongoing outdoor needs.

Hire a lawn care expert – The best solution is obviously to hire a company that knows how to properly care for your Peninsula senior’s yard. An expert will know when to start / stop mowing the lawn during the year and will be quick and thorough while on the job. Leaving a mess isn’t an option. You’ll want someone you can trust that knows how to be patient and courteous when interacting with your senior receiving cancer care.

Of course, if you live near your senior, one of your children could mow Grandma or Grandpa’s lawn to earn a little extra cash and some experience. Keep in mind, though, that even kids with the best intentions might scalp the lawn, make a mess of the grass clippings or forget to close the backyard fence door. You and your senior will just need to sit down together to discuss all possible solutions. Another option would be to employ a neighbor kid to do the job, but your senior may run the risk of hiring help that can’t get the job done during the school semester.

Get irrigation assistance – Some homes don’t have outdoor irrigation, so if your Peninsula senior doesn’t have it, this is one less thing to worry about. However, if an irrigation system is present, you’ll need to ensure that pipes / irrigation heads are in working order. If there is a chance for freezing weather, the system may need to be winterized to prevent pipe breakage.

Tree and bush trimming – Any trees or bushes on your Peninsula senior’s property will need regular maintenance to keep the home’s exterior looking good. Trees with low-hanging branches can cause problems ranging from falling on a power line to scraping the home or breaking off onto a car or person. You’ll want encourage your senior to hire someone to take care of this for overall safety around the home.

Lawn care tips for Peninsula seniors receiving cancer care help!
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