For Los Altos seniors receiving cancer care, burglary would be a nightmare

It’s natural to worry about your children and about their safety. After all, they are small, inexperienced to the ways of life and vulnerable. But have you ever thought about how your Mom and / or Dad may need some extra protection as well? True, they have the wisdom of years of experience. But your Los Altos parent can be vulnerable nonetheless, due to his or her limited mobility, reduced hearing etc. Check out our post below for some ways a NuevaCare cancer care provider or caregiver can help.

Crime prevention tips for Los Altos seniors receiving cancer care

Have a talk with your loved one about his or her safety. If your Los Altos senior has chosen to live at home for as long as possible, this is particularly important. Your senior should make sure to lock his or her doors at all times (even during the daytime). A senior should only open the door if the person is his or her cancer care provider or is someone else your senior knows.

You can also enlist the help of a trusted neighbor or two to watch out for any suspicious activity around your senior’s home. If necessary, you may even want to give the neighbor your contact info and emergency info of your loved one…but only if you really trust the neighbor!

In addition, a NuevaCare caregiver can offer assistance in various ways to reduce your Los Altos senior’s risk of burglary, physical assault or another crime.

  • Your loved one’s cancer care provider can be a trusted buddy to go with your senior to the store, to doctor’s appointments, to the senior center or around town. NuevaCare’s cancer care providers even offer transportation assistance so seniors don’t have to drive or worry about driving.
  • A caregiver can be another set of eyes and ears around the home, so if he or she notices something that your senior is missing something at home, the caregiver can notify the police of the burglary.
  • Your senior’s cancer care provider(s) will know your loved one’s general daily schedule. If the worst happens and your senior is abducted or attacked, a caregiver will probably know sooner than others if your loved one isn’t at home or has been injured.
  • If necessary, NuevaCare’s cancer care providers can even stay at your senior’s home 24 / 7 if your loved one is fearful at night. Note that caregivers aren’t bodyguards or the police, so if you have a genuine concern for your senior’s safety, please alert the proper authorities as soon as possible. With that being said, a caregiver can calm upset nerves if your Los Altos senior is especially prone to worrying.


For Los Altos seniors receiving cancer care, burglary would be a nightmare
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