Diabetes care in Los Altos: Encouraging the lost art of letter writing

There’s always a bit of anticipation when going to the mailbox to check and see what you’ve gotten for the day. True, the stacks of bills and junk mail aren’t enjoyable, but sometimes you’ll get a letter or card from a dear friend. These days, getting a hand-written note is pretty uncommon. But Los Altos seniors receiving diabetes care can make a difference by writing and sending notes!

Los Altos seniors receiving diabetes care can bless others with a hand-written note

Diabetes care in Los Altos: Encouraging the lost art of letter writing

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If your loved one is cooped up at home in Los Altos and bored of watching television, he or she might be interested in writing letters as a form of entertainment and encouragement. NuevaCare’s team of diabetes care providers can help your senior with this by organizing the necessary supplies to get started. Here’s a couple possible benefits your senior could have as a result of participating in this activity.

  • Letter writing will give your Los Altos senior receiving diabetes care a better connection to the outside world and to family or friends. Recipients of the notes will gain a treasured possession to paste in scrapbooks and share with future generations. And a letter or drawing from one of the grandkids will make your senior’s week!
  • Letter writing is good practice for hand eye coordination and motor skills. The simple act of holding a pen and using it to write is a good exercise in retention for your senior receiving diabetes care. It’ll remind him or her of childhood and being back in school. And, it’s a great way to keep Los Altos seniors busy and concentrated for an afternoon.
  • Letter writing allows seniors to be able to express themselves. Writing notes to friends, family or even strangers gives your senior an outlet for encouragement, feelings, lessons learned and wisdom gained. In a world where few people listen well, your senior receiving diabetes care will love being able to share his or her unobstructed thoughts to others. A blank piece of paper will become the “ears” your senior needs during lonely days.
  • Letter writing is something seniors can do as a volunteer to bless others. It can be encouraging to know that you’re not the only one who feels anxious and alone. There are so many people who would appreciate a hand-written note of blessing from someone else. One idea could be for your Los Altos senior to write letters to soldiers serving in the military. A couple possible options include and


Diabetes care in Los Altos: Encouraging the lost art of letter writing
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