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Home Care You Can Trust

At NuevaCare, we provide quality home care for Palo Alto residents who need help, whether with senior care, in home care for Alzheimer’s, or care at home for other conditions. We are passionate about the high quality of care that we provide to our clients. For us, caregiving is about helping people to have the life that Read more…

Medication Management

In busy Palo Alto, staying on top of medication needs can be difficult. Our professional caregivers help seniors from Millbrae to Palo Alto, Hillsborough to Mountain View, and everywhere in between, with their medications. Whether it’s picking up a prescription in Los Altos, or reminding a San Mateo senior at lunchtime, Read more…

Long Distance Families

You might live in Texas or New Jersey, but Mom and Dad live in Mountain View or Palo Alto. Or, you might work in San Francisco, but your parents have a home on the Peninsula in Burlingame or Los Altos Hills. As one of the best caregiver agencies in the Bay Area, NuevaCare helps families bridge distances. Read more…

What our clients say about us

I highly recommend Nuevacare. They are very involved with giving back to the community and providing specialized programs to meet the needs of their clients, families and health care partners...

-Ana C.

Nueva Care has consistently provided our family with competent caregivers for our mom, allowing us worry free time away from her bedside...

-Conni F.

While they are a little bit expensive, NuevaCare is a spectacular agency. They have good people, and ready almost at the drop of a hat to help out...

-Marie M.

Home health care is useful when you or a loved one need help with day-to-day tasks that are "non medical" in nature. NuevaCare is convenient to San Mateo, and its caregivers have been second-to-none...

-James B.

...They have gotten emergency Caregivers for me with very little notice and said caregivers have been patient, competent, and friendly, and have been very very helpful...

-Marie M.

Nueva Care is our agency of choice, providing us with competent care givers for our mom, allowing us worry free time away from her bedside. We appreciate...

-Conni F.

When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's I researched extensively before choosing to interview 5 home care agencies servicing the Palo Alto, CA area....

-Marnye S.

Preventing falls
Inc. Magazine ranks NuevaCare 206th fastest growing private company in America
Long distance family members
ART and Alzheimer's

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Palo Alto, home to Stanford University and in many ways the heart of venture capital in Silicon Valley, is also just a great place to live. Many older adults strongly desire to “age in place,” meaning stay in their own homes and enjoy a Palo Alto lifestyle as long as they can. By reaching out to NuevaCare for home care services, you can find out about a range of services that allows older adults to remain in their own homes comfortably. Others, suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s or just needing so-called “Senior Care,” find that our compassionate caregivers give them some additional help and companionship that really improves their life style in Palo Alto and surrounding communities. If you or a loved one is curious about Palo Alto home care services, or would like to know about NuevaCare and our network of local caregivers, reach out to us, today, for a free consultation.

In Home Care Palo Alto

If you are currently searching for a medical company that can provide home care for an elderly person that is in your family, you know how important it is to choose a company that is reputable. The business that you choose should be one that not only has the best doctors and nurses, but caregivers that have gone through extensive training. Additionally, they should have a good reputation in your community, a business that you can trust with your family member. When you start to search for a company that can provide caregivers for your loved one such as eldercare or senior care, you will find many different businesses that can do this. You may also need to work with a company that offers hospice care or respite care, at an affordable rate. If you have not found one, you might want to consider working with a business called NuevaCare, a business that you can trust. Here is a quick overview of the home care services that are offered by this business, as well as other options they have available.

NuevaCare provides many different services, one of which is in-home care. This represents a multitude of different healthcare services that are specifically provided for elderly people. If they are injured and need to be cared for at home, or if they are suffering from some type of illness, a fully trained representative of the company will be sent to their location in order to help them on a consistent basis. As people get older, they will become more dependent upon others for help with doing even the most basic activities. The elderly can also become chronically ill, or if they have recently gone through a major surgery, they will not be able to care for themselves very well. Those that are disabled will also need this type of help, and this company can provided. They are fully staffed with trained professionals that have the education and experience necessary to provide this type of assistance. You also must feel comfortable with not only the company, but the people that are assigned to help your loved one in their current condition. You will need to meet with the individual that will be providing this type of service, making sure that you feel comfortable with them caring for your loved one. One of the benefits of working with a company like is that they have a multitude of different people that have gone through years of training, and will likely have years of experience in helping the elderly. That’s one of the reasons that this particular business is so popular, and often recommended, because of the high quality service providers that are always available.

Caregiver Palo Alto

This company also can provide a caregiver that will be able to perform many different tasks. For example, they can provide occupational therapy for people, physical therapy, and speech therapy for those that have perhaps recently had a stroke. All of this will be provided by skilled nurses, and similar professionals, that have the training and knowledge on how to help someone that cannot care for themselves in their current state. Whether this is a temporary situation, or if this is permanent care that will be provided, NuevaCare will make sure that your elderly loved one will have the help that is needed. Some of the programs that they offer will include help with daily living such as getting around the house, taking their medications, and other activities that are necessary. This could include eating, dressing, and even bathing, something that older people may not be able to safely do on their own. The professional that will be assigned to your loved one will have years of experience in this industry, and will likely have helped other elderly people that have had similar problems. They will always match up your family member with someone that has experience with what they are currently suffering from so that they will have the best possible care. NuevaCare realizes how important it is for you to have the best possible caregiver available. They will be able to sit down with you, discuss what it is that you will need, and make sure that you are comfortable with their decision. They are professionals, a business that has been doing this for quite some time, and they will know exactly what type of care to provide your loved one. Based upon this initial meeting, and also meeting the person that will be providing the care, you will see why this company is often used by those looking for a professional caregiver.

NuevaCare can also provide a care giver that will live within the home. In some cases, the elderly person would prefer of them being around whenever they need them. However, it is more likely that daily visits will accommodate their needs, but it simply depends on their age, what disability they have, and if this is something that they can recover from. They can also receive care from a physician that will stop by once a week, or therapists that can stop by on a regular basis to make sure they are improving. Regardless of the type of help that they need, NuevaCare will have professionals that can be sent out once you are part of the program. It is recommended that you contact them as soon as possible to ensure that you will be provided with the most qualified medical professional that can offer them the services that are required. Additionally, if you have already had meetings with multiple companies that also provide this type of service, this company will definitely motivate you to work with them. They have highly trained professionals that have gone through significant amounts of training, and they are also well aware of how important it is to properly interact with the elderly to make them feel comfortable while they are there. They should also be versatile in regard to any possible situations that can come up related to their medical condition. This is exactly what you will get when you work with NuevaCare, and why you should consider contacting a representative to find out more about the services that they offer.

Senior Care Palo Alto

This is an industry that is always growing. There is a high demand for the elderly that need Senior care. Some of this can be delivered on an intermittent basis, perhaps a visit every few days, whereas others will need live and constant care. Senior care is growing because of the large numbers of senior citizens that are reaching ages above 70, something that did not occur decades ago. Today, we have a large population of senior citizens, all over the world, that will be in need of this type of care to simply function on a daily basis. NuevaCare will find a professional that is part of their company that will have the exact expertise that is needed. You can feel confident that all of the medical professionals that work for this business will be able to provide the necessary services. Finding the right Senior care provider is often one of the most important decisions that you will ever make for this person in your family. They are experiencing something that they are trying their best to deal with, but they will need help from time to time. They may also need help around the clock, and this is an option that will be available for you. If you need the best help possible, this company can provide that at affordable rates.

Elderly Care Palo Alto

There are a couple of different types of eldercare that are provided by this company. First of all, they could be working with elderly patients that have some type of mental disability. They could be suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or some other mental malady that is not allowing them to function very well on their own. They may have short-term memory loss, or they may not know where they are from time to time, something that will demand constant care from a professional. They may also be suffering from other diseases such as multiple sclerosis, conditions where their ability to move around on their own has been compromised. By working with the professionals at NuevaCare, you will know that your elderly loved one will have a trained nurse or other professional that will have the ability to help them on a daily basis, regardless of the disability that they currently have. They understand that eldercare is of utmost importance, especially for elderly people that are suffering with conditions that will not allow them to be fully functional by themselves. The person that will be with them on an occasional basis, or on a full-time basis, will be properly trained to provide them with the care that is necessary with their current condition.

One of the most popular types of elderly care will include home based care. The other is rehabilitation services. Examples of this would be an elder person that is not only suffering from a mental conditions such as dementia, but they may also have an inability to walk around on their own. There are literally millions of elderly people that require this type of help, and that is why NuevaCare is the company you should call. They have a large number of professionals that work for them, many of which have experience in dealing with both physical and mental conditions. Once you have started working with this business, you will see how much easier it is for your loved one to function on a daily basis. Proper care for them is an absolute necessity, and these trained medical professionals will ensure that they are comfortable and safe. It is also important to realize that elder care is not the same with every company that you will speak with. Some of them may not have fully trained professionals that have actually worked with the elderly before. When you work with NuevaCare, you will know that you will be getting the best possible medical professionals that will cater to their needs, and will also help them feel comfortable while they are there helping them.

Respite care Palo Alto

Respite care is designed to provide a dependent elderly person with temporary institutional care. This could also be for a handicapped person that is recovering from some type of trauma or illness. This relief is provided by professionals that are able to come out to their location to provide them with the help that they need a few hours a week. Senior respite care for the elderly is often a day to day service, and you can obtain this type of help from NuevaCare if that is what you want. You can talk to the professionals out this company to discuss what type of care your elderly family member will need. They can then schedule a time for you to meet with them and this individual. Once the initial meeting is over, they will start providing the services that are necessary for this elderly person. You can always trust the professionals from this company for only employing the best medical professionals to help with the elderly. As they recover, they will likely benefit from the professionals at this business because they will be able to identify problems that could compromise their ability to rehabilitate. That’s why you need a company like NuevaCare to offer the best health professionals that will make sure that your loved one is able to recuperate with the help of someone who is fully trained to help them with their particular condition.

Now that you know a little bit more about the in home care services provided by NuevaCare, you should consider contacting this business. It is a company that has been doing this for quite some time. If you have not been able to a business that can provide quality in-home care at an affordable price, consider contacting NuevaCare today to find out more about the services that they offer.

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