Redwood City senior care and music to stimulate the brain and heart

As poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” Yes, music has a way of reaching humans of all ages and backgrounds in a way that nothing else can. Music can be an expression of praise, an escape from the mundane or a way to celebrate special events in life. Thus, it’s no surprise that music can benefit Redwood City seniors in a variety of ways. Below are some possible ways that senior care providers can integrate music into their work as a caregiver.

Music for aging adults: Ideas for Redwood City senior care providers

Music can enliven the heart or calm the soul. Senior care providers can tap into this when serving Redwood City seniors by playing appropriate music during the day to help cue seniors as to what is going to happen next. For example, calming music at bedtime can help aging adults unwind and fall asleep. Or, cheery, peppy music can help them wake up in the morning with a positive attitude.

Music can also be used to stimulate memories for Redwood City seniors. Styles of music come and go over the years, but a little research online will yield a wealth of songs from decades past. Senior care providers offering companionship services can talk to your senior to find out about favorite songs that he or she would enjoy hearing again. Or, listen to a variety of classic movie soundtracks and see if seniors can guess which movie the song goes with.

The holiday season is a perfect time of year for concerts and Christmas caroling. This Christmas, your senior might enjoy getting all dressed up and going to a symphony in Redwood City or the surrounding area. NuevaCare’s caregivers can help with transportation assistance to and from the event if needed. Or, if your senior has limited mobility and has difficulty leaving his or her home, you could consider getting a group together to go caroling in your senior’s neighborhood. This simple gift of time will mean so much to a home-bound senior! Make sure to consult with your senior’s caregiver as to the best time of day and week to come visit with a caroling group (so as not to disturb your senior’s routine as much).

For additional help, NuevaCare offers a team of certified MnemeTherapy practitioners that can work with your Redwood City senior to stimulate his or her brain in positive ways. This therapy is designed to help those with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other similar neurodegenerative issues. Contact NuevaCare today!


Redwood City senior care and music to stimulate the brain and heart
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