Senior care in Burlingame: Keep skin healthy with these skin care tips

Did you know that your skin is an organ…the largest in your body?1 It’s easy to forget about the importance of proper skin care when you’re young, but as wrinkles and age spots start taking a toll on your body, you’ll start taking an interest in a proper skin care routine! In this post, we’ll talk about some ways a senior care provider at NuevaCare can help your Burlingame senior with his or her overall health, including skin care.

Get your glow on! Senior care providers can help your Burlingame loved one

Senior care in Burlingame: Keep skin healthy with these skin care tips

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Skin care for seniors doesn’t have to be that hard. Yes, you can spend big bucks on facial creams, peels etc. Some people even opt for cosmetic surgery and get Botox treatments for combating the signs of aging.2 True, these can all be really helpful and effective! But a senior care provider can offer simple solutions that can help your Burlingame loved one care for his or her skin.

Senior care providers at NuevaCare can help your aging parent with the complicated tasks of bathing and grooming during the week. For seniors, getting in and out of the bathtub can be challenging and can cause a legitimate fear of falling. Caregivers will assist with and monitor your senior so he or she has a reduced chance for falling while getting ready for the day. A senior care provider can also make sure that bathwater doesn’t get too hot (which can cause skin to dry out more) and that your Burlingame senior has help with applying moisturizer after a bath and getting pat-towel dried. Caregivers can also assist with light housekeeping tasks such as changing and washing linens, which also will help keep skin healthy and reduce bacteria.

If your senior lives in an arid area of town, a humidifier can help put some moisture back into the air and help reduce dry skin.

Every time your senior plans to spend time outdoors, he or she needs to wear protective clothing and sunscreen. It’s a hassle, but can go a long ways towards preventing skin cancer and sunburn.

In addition to the tips mentioned, it’s important that your Burlingame senior talks to a dermatologist regularly and goes to see one immediately if there is any concern about a spot on your senior’s skin. A senior care provider cannot replace the job of a doctor, but can greatly enhance your loved one’s day-to-day life!

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Senior care in Burlingame: Keep skin healthy with these skin care tips
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