Learning to Live with No Regrets: Caregivers and Senior Care Help in Millbrae

Oh, change. It’s so hard to accept change…and yet, life is full of changes. Some are good, like finding love, having work / life achievements and traveling. But others can be difficult and painful. Getting older is one of those challenges. Caregivers who offer senior care assistance to adults in Millbrae need to keep in mind that regret and discouragement may play a role in each senior’s day-to-day life.

Senior care and encouragement in Millbrae: Tips for overcoming regret

Wisdom usually comes with age. Thus, it’s natural for seniors to think over the life they’ve lived and the decisions made. Some Millbrae seniors will regret various life choices. Senior care providers can provide companionship and help the elderly under their care talk about life. Below are some possible regrets seniors may voice:

  • “I wish I would have traveled more when I had the money / physical mobility.” Some seniors may tell their caregivers that they always dreamed of traveling, but never had the time or money to do so. Now, in their retirement years, they have a much harder time getting around outside the home. Senior care providers can encourage seniors under their care by listening, first and foremost. In addition, caregivers can offer grocery shopping / meal preparation assistance to their Millbrae seniors and plan a fun, “taste of the world” day for seniors to enjoy. This could include special dishes prepared by the caregiver that celebrate cuisine from various countries. The senior care provider could even watch a foreign film or two from the country or countries represented.
  • “I wish I would have taken better care of my physical health.” This is something everyone deals with as each year passes. True, Millbrae seniors who neglected physical fitness in their younger years will likely struggle more with health issues. But it’s never too late to start a fitness routine. NuevaCare’s senior care providers can offer transportation help to take your senior to a local senior center for an exercise class or physical therapist who can assist in keeping muscles limber. Even a weekly walk in the park with a caregiver can be an encouragement.
  • “I wish I would have worried less.” Like exercise, today is not too late to begin again! Yoga, meditation, prayer or weekly church services may offer comfort to Millbrae seniors. Your loved one’s senior care provider can also pick up some books from a local library that offer tips for conquering the habit of worry.
  • “I wish I could / would have made amends with a particular friend or family member.” Even if the person in question has passed away, seniors can still deal with their personal feelings about the friend / family member by writing a letter of forgiveness that expresses their sentiments. If the person is alive, a phone meeting or letter can go a long ways toward healing.


Learning to Live with No Regrets: Caregivers and Senior Care Help in Millbrae
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