Senior care and Mother’s Day: Celebrating special San Carlos Moms

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is the perfect day to give thanks for the special women in our lives…the women who have put up with us, believed in / supported us and sacrificially gave to us so that we might succeed. If your San Carlos Mom is elderly and receiving senior care, don’t forget to stop by and give her a hug or take her out for a special meal!

San Carlos Moms receiving senior care: Make her day!

Senior care and Mother's Day: Celebrating special San Carlos Moms

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But what if your Mom lives in San Carlos and you live far from there? You still can show her that you’re thinking of her! Set aside a time today to do a FaceTime or phone call so your Mom and your kids’ Grandma can see and hear from your family. At the very least, send your Mom receiving senior care a card or flowers!

What if your Mom is no longer living? Yes, this will make Mother’s Day a bittersweet holiday. However, you can still remember her by looking through family photos and telling the grandkids about special memories of your Mom. You can go to visit your Mom’s grave and place flowers on it. You can set up a special scholarship or fund in your Mom’s name.

Or, what if your Mother is living but you don’t have a good relationship with her? Make today the day to reconcile with your Mom receiving senior care. She NEEDS to know that you want her in your life. She may have failed you as a Mom, but it will help YOU heal if you can choose to forgive…no matter what’s happened between you two.

The title “Mom” can apply to many other women that you might not think of when celebrating Mother’s Day. Some women have given birth to stillborn babies or who have tried to have a child but the pregnancy failed. Other women have opened their hearts and homes to love foster kids and adopt children. For women who wanted children and were never married, Mother’s Day can be hard. Each of these special women also deserve to be recognized today.

NuevaCare’s team of senior care providers love serving your senior and helping her feel valued and appreciated. Our caregivers want your San Carlos senior to thrive!

Senior care and Mother’s Day: Celebrating special San Carlos Moms
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