Healthy sleeping tips for Burlingame seniors receiving disability care

Ah, sleep, beautiful sleep. Naptime is a dreaded word for little kids, but they just don’t know the value of it. As humans age and the responsibilities of life kick in, sleep becomes more important. And sometimes it’s harder to come by. Burlingame seniors (and all seniors, for that matter!) can struggle with getting good sleep at night. Below are some tips for disability care providers in helping the elderly get better sleep.

Getting enough ZZZs? Seniors, disability care and sleeping habits

Healthy sleeping tips for Burlingame seniors receiving disability care

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As a disability care provider, you want your senior to be in the best possible health. This definitely includes good sleep, as sleep deprivation due to insomnia or other health issues can directly affect your Burlingame senior’s mood and performance. Did you know that medications can also cause problems with getting optimal sleep? If medications are the issue, make sure that your senior receiving disability care talks to his or her physician.

For caregivers, ensuring that Burlingame seniors have a regular sleep schedule can be key to success. This means that when the clock hits the specified time, your senior needs to be in bed. In the morning, he or she needs to get up when the alarm goes off! Disability care providers can help with this by coming to a senior’s home around bedtime / wake time to assist with brushing teeth, taking a bath and other personal grooming needs.

For seniors needing disability care assistance, the right bedding can make a HUGE difference in quality of sleep. There are lots of options, including body pillows, neck pillows, memory foam mattresses and more.1 Other helpful sleeping tools such as grab bars around the bed or lifting devices to assist with getting in and out of bed can help too.1 If you want to go high-tech, your Burlingame senior could even get a bed (like those in hospitals) that can adjust to raise / lower the head and feet or one that turns the body to reduce pressure sores.1

Finally, a low-tech and natural remedy for sleep is to eat a small snack or have a warm drink before bed that contains Tryptophan. Options include bananas and warm milk with a dash of honey.

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Healthy sleeping tips for Burlingame seniors receiving disability care
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