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Dementia care in Burlingame: Caregiver help from living in the fast lane

Dementia care in Burlingame: Caregiver help from living in the fast lane

When you're young, life can feel like a racetrack that goes around again and again. Plus, there's lots of obstacles that have to be bypassed or dealt with. Just like a car race, though, it all goes by so quick! And before you know it, your life in Burlingame begins to slow waaay down. Retirement happens. You can't get around very well, so outings with friends are more limited. If memory or some health issues start coming up, you consider moving to a nursing home. But inside, you still "feel young" and want to enjoy at least part of life in the "fast lane." Thankfully, NuevaCare's dementia care providers and team of caregivers can help bridge the...

NuevaCare Announces Updated Belmont Home Care and Caregiver Agency Informational Page

Belmont, California – January 31, 2017. NuevaCare, a leading Bay Area home care agency servicing diverse cities such as San Mateo, Millbrae, Belmont, and environs, is proud to announce an update to its informational page on Belmont home care options. Many residents do not know that NuevaCare services a diverse group of cities such as Belmont, and the new page informs them about the company’s philosophy and service offerings with respect to home care.

San Mateo, California

Top 10 Fall Prevention Tips from San Francisco Bay Area Professional Caregivers

Preventing falls is a subject that families must take seriously. Falling is a top concern for San Francisco Bay Area families because falls are a leading cause of hospitalization for seniors. Fall prevention matters because falls lead to long term, serious complications and can even be fatal. The biggest key to preventing falls is to think about hazards ahead of time. We've talked to our experienced professional caregivers in the San Francisco Bay Area to find out what they view as the most important steps families can take to prevent falls.  Here are the top ten. Photo credit: daoro via / CC BY 1 - Use non-slip pads in wet areas These stickers adhere to the floor of wet areas like towers and tubs. These are major areas...

Cleaning Tips for Caregivers

  Keeping house is no small thing! Often the biggest issue is simple the issue of too little time. Another big roadblock is a lack of energy - you're exhausted before you even begin! Balancing your home and family with the needs of your loved one often means getting behind and feeling overwhelmed. Finding a solid routine and sticking with it is the key to preventing your feeling overwhelmed, and the added bonus is that a neat space is a proven way to improve everyone's mood! It might require a bit of experimentation in order to get the routine that best suits your family and your needs. Keep at it until you find the schedule that works for you, and once you find it you'll be very happy...