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Dental Care in Millbrae: Helping Seniors with Dementia Care Needs

Dental Care in Millbrae: Helping Seniors with Dementia Care Needs

As the song from Annie goes, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”1 Yes, your smile is a distinguishing and memorable characteristic that people will notice right away. It indicates happiness, pleasure and a welcoming attitude. Even the Cheshire cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was remembered for his smile.2 But what if you’re a Millbrae senior and you’re embarrassed about your teeth? What if you know that dental care is important but struggle with the costs of care and even remembering to care for them? Thankfully, NuevaCare’s dementia care team can help.

Dental Care is an Essential Part of Health for Redwood City Seniors

As a person reaches their senior years, taking care of their aging teeth may become a daily challenge. Many older adults experience the loss of their natural teeth  because they lose the ability to take care of them. There are factors associated with age that make it increasingly difficult to do all the hygiene steps that are required for good dental health. Redwood City home care can help. Age related difficulties in caring for teeth  Some of the main factors that make it hard for a senior to care for their own teeth are: Arthritis and other similar conditions cause limited dexterity. This may hinder the aging adult’s ability to clean her own gums and teeth properly with a toothbrush. Memory lapses associated with age, mild dementia...