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Dental Care in Millbrae: Helping Seniors with Dementia Care Needs

Dental Care in Millbrae: Helping Seniors with Dementia Care Needs

As the song from Annie goes, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”1 Yes, your smile is a distinguishing and memorable characteristic that people will notice right away. It indicates happiness, pleasure and a welcoming attitude. Even the Cheshire cat in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was remembered for his smile.2 But what if you’re a Millbrae senior and you’re embarrassed about your teeth? What if you know that dental care is important but struggle with the costs of care and even remembering to care for them? Thankfully, NuevaCare’s dementia care team can help.

Dental Health and Seniors

We don't always realize how important dental health is for overall health. Teeth can sometimes seem to be more of a cosmetic thing to address than the essential health issue that they are. For seniors, daily dental care can become even more of a challenge. Losing teeth often happens simply because they aren't able to take care of their teeth in the way that they need to in order to maintain them. What are some factors that make dental care more challenging for seniors? Arthritis (and other dexterity factors) - these kinds of issues can lead to a difficult time with keeping teeth clean and healthy. Things like brushing and flossing are no longer as simple as they once were. Memory - age, mild dementia, and more serious...