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Alzheimers care in San Carlos: Helping seniors with hoarding problems

Alzheimers care in San Carlos: Helping seniors with hoarding problems

Here’s the ugly truth behind hoarding…it affects a person’s mental, emotional and physical well-being and can even ruin family relationships. Hoarders can cause serious physical harm to themselves because they make it hard to function normal, healthy lives. Thus, it’s important to be aware of any tendencies your San Carlos senior may have towards hoarding, especially if he or she has Alzheimer’s and will need Alzheimers care assistance.

Could proper dementia care improve life for your Milbrae senior?

Could proper dementia care improve life for your Millbrae senior?

If you lost something valuable and found out that you might be able to get it back, wouldn't you go to great lengths to see if you could indeed retrieve the lost item? It would be pretty amazing, huh?! If your Millbrae senior is showing signs of dementia, proper dementia care may be able to help! Dementia isn't as much of a disease as it is a term to describe a bunch of similar symptoms. Incurable diseases such as Alzheimer's fall under the broader umbrella of dementia, but treatable and potentially curable forms of dementia also exist. It's VERY important that your loved one get fully checked out by a doctor to determine exactly what he or she is dealing with. Once...

Cancer care tips for Burlingame seniors

Cancer care support for your Burlingame senior

Undergoing chemotherapy can be a very daunting task. If you or your Burlingame loved one is a senior, it can be even more scary. Thankfully, you don’t have to face the trauma of cancer alone. NuevaCare’s Burlingame cancer care caregivers can help provide the vital support and encouragement you and your senior need.

Chemotherapy takes a very real physical toll on the ones receiving treatment. Nausea and depression will likely be side effects your senior will face. Below are some ways cancer care aides can help.

Belmont Senior Care ideas for Fourth of July fun

Belmont Senior Care ideas for Fourth of July fun

This week, we celebrate the Fourth of July…a summer holiday filled with watermelon, fireworks, swimming pools, boating at the lake and, best of all, time with family. But for many adults receiving senior care in Belmont, holidays like the Fourth can only remind them of how lonely they are. Even though you’ll want to spend every precious moment enjoying relaxation, don’t forget to take a little bit of time to show your aging parent that you love him or her. NuevaCare’s Belmont senior care team offers some ideas for making the holiday more fun for your loved one.

Diabetes care in Burlingame

Diabetes Care for Seniors in Burlingame

What if I need Diabetes Care In American culture, fast food is king. Like many others around the nation, Burlingame residents live constantly on-the-go and want something to quick to eat that also tastes good. However, a consistent diet of unhealthy foods and physical inactivity leading to weight gain could increase your chances for diabetes. In addition, diabetes can increase feelings of depression (1). Diabetes is a lifelong condition that requires regular monitoring and discipline of the body and mind. It's a common disease that affects more than 29 million Americans, according to a "National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014 (based on health data from 2012)" report (2). But it's not impossible to live with this disease, especially with proper diabetes care. Healthy Living...

Could Stress Be Causing Illness in Your Loved One?

Though it can often seem like the retirement years should be ones of leisure and free from responsibility, the stress of life can still take a serious toll on the health of seniors. Yes, jobs and work are in the past, but there are still a wide variety of things that push individuals to their limits. A whole life of working, raising children, navigating relationships, retiring can seem like reaching the top of a mountain, the idea is that the struggle is finally over. The reality is that it's not.  There are still a wide variety of stresses on life. The top 5 stresses on life that are the most common links to illness are: Divorce Marital separation Institutionalization (leaving the home for another environment) Death of...

Caregiver Loneliness

One thing that we don't always thing about is how deeply caregiving can affect the person who is offering treatment to their loved one. Taking care of an aging loved one is a challenging task that can take a toll on a person thanks to the intense demands that it places upon them. It's not unusual for caregivers to be overcome with the duties and responsibilities that they must bear. Caregiver loneliness is a serious issue As a loved one needs more and more of their caregiver's time, that person can become isolated from other connections that they previously enjoyed. Their social life can seem to disappear overnight and there becomes a serious sense of loneliness that can intensify over time. Loneliness is not something to be taken...

Bay Area Transportation for Seniors

Eldercare: Navigating Romantic Relationships

We all need someone, and the last thing that you want to do as a caregiver is to stand in the way of your loved one being happy. But when someone needs care or is compromised in any way, it can fall to their caregiver to step in to make sure that their best interests are taken care of. Consent The big issue that needs to be discussed here is consent. When dementia, memory loss or Alzheimer's disease is involved, then consent can become a tricky issue. If you're concerned that your loved one might not have the ability to properly consent to a relationship, then you'll want to speak to their doctor about your concerns. There are many legal cases in which an individual is not...

Supporting a Loved One with Depression

Though depression is one of the most common illnesses in the United States, it is nonentheless often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. Seniors suffer from depression just as the rest of the population does, but it very often goes undetected in the elderly for many reasons. There are so many wonderful treatment options out there for depression that can make all of the difference in the quality of life of your loved one. Depression is characterized by many different symptoms, among the most common of which are: Low energy Withdrawal from social situations Lack of interest in usual activities Changes in eating patterns Changes in sleeping patterns Neglecting physical health and appearance Increased preoccupation with aches and pains Increased preoccupation with death and loss The Causes of Depression There's no one thing that causes depression, but rather it's...