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Alzheimers care in Burlingame and health benefits of eating fish

Alzheimers care in Burlingame and health benefits of eating fish

This fishy story is true…many people around the world have been fasting from eating meat one day a week for the past several weeks and instead opting for fish.1 But why? Historians disagree about the exact reasons for why fish is allowed, but this tradition is still honored during the 40 days called Lent preceding the Easter holiday.1 Some restaurants even add or highlight dishes starring fish during this season.2 Anyway, if your Burlingame senior is receiving Alzheimers care, he or she would benefit from eating this white meat as a regular part of a weekly diet. We’ll discuss some reasons below.

5 Keys to Improving Senior Care

There are lots of ways to improve the care that your loved one is receiving.  If you are concerned about how an aging loved one is progressing, then you want some real, actionable steps to take in order to improve their life. Nuevcare is here to help! Here are five keys to improving the life of someone that you love. 1 - Hire a professional, experienced caregiver The bottom line is that while you know your loved one best, most likely you don't know senior care as well as a professional. Don't be afraid to ask for help! A professional caregiver who has experience and has been trained by a reputable agency can improve the safety of your loved one and help them on a regular basis,...