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Healthy sleeping tips for Burlingame seniors receiving disability care

Healthy sleeping tips for Burlingame seniors receiving disability care

Ah, sleep, beautiful sleep. Naptime is a dreaded word for little kids, but they just don’t know the value of it. As humans age and the responsibilities of life kick in, sleep becomes more important. And sometimes it’s harder to come by. Burlingame seniors (and all seniors, for that matter!) can struggle with getting good sleep at night. Below are some tips for disability care providers in helping the elderly get better sleep.

Caregivers and Sleep

One big problem that any caregiver can find themselves facing is that they fall behind in taking care of themselves properly. This issue poses a problem for both men and women, but studies show that women are more likely to suffer by not getting enough sleep. It’s women who tend to give up their sleep and other comforts, more often for the people they take care of. Mothers are often viewed as the primary care providers for children, though many men and women both work full-time jobs. The reason for this behavioral distinction is rooted in societal expectations that date back centuries, even to the beginnings of civilization. While this behavior could be deemed to be natural, it doesn’t mean it’s a health aspect, especially when...

Getting Enough Sleep

With Daylight Savings Time ending in a couple of weeks, now is a great time to think about sleep. Changing the clock has a way of wreaking havoc with sleep patterns, but that also means that it's an opportunity to change them intentionally. In this article we will discuss getting enough sleep for seniors. How much do seniors need and when should they get it? This is a question that home health is often asked. And while people often think that seniors need less sleep, the truth is that they really just need different sleep. Adults require the same amount of sleep from their 20's into their senior years. That's a shock to most people, as a common myth is that older individuals need less sleep. Individuals...