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Red light...stop! Home care transportation solutions for Los Altos seniors

Red light…stop! Home care transportation solutions for Los Altos seniors

One of the greatest fears aging parents have is the fear of becoming isolated. And, losing the ability to drive will contribute to that isolated feeling. As your parents age, they will feel less included in mainstream activities such as birthdays or dinners with friends. That’s because they move more slowly and can be less ambitious than younger generations around them. Thankfully, NuevaCare’s home care team can help seniors stay safe while still getting involved in the local Los Altos community.

Driving Miss Daisy: Home Care Services for your Woodside Senior

Driving Miss Daisy: Home Care Services for your Woodside Senior

The movie, “Driving Miss Daisy,” well documents the difficulties of old age as it relates to driving. As Americans, we love our vehicles and the freedom and independence it gives. Without a car, one can’t experience life…at least it can feel that way. At NuevaCare, we want to help your Woodside senior have the independence he or she craves while still ensuring his or her safety. Our home care services, such as assisting your senior with transportation needs, can achieve this goal.

Seniors Behind the Wheel – Tough Conversations

Cars are about more than just getting from place to place, they're a sign of independence. When we're teenagers and are first admitted into the wonderous world of driving, it's a mark of our adulthood. But driving is an incredible responsibility that involves not only the safety of the driver but also of the people out on the road. There are a myriad of health concerns that can compromise the ability of an individual to drive safely, from decreasing eyesight to memory challenges. While it's incredibly difficult to broach the subject of decreasing ability to drive, it's an incredibly important conversation to have, for their safety and for the safety of those around them. This struggle with determining when it's time to give up driving is common...