Weddings and Dementia Care: How to Help Burlingame Seniors Cope

The big day has finally arrived…your wedding day! You’ve spent the past several months planning every detail out, from the food and flowers to the venue, clothing and music. But have you thought about your Burlingame grandparent(s) receiving dementia care? Will they be able to handle attending a major event? Below are some suggestions on how to navigate the waters with elderly family members.

Dementia care to the rescue! Tips for Burlingame seniors at a wedding

Weddings and Dementia Care: How to Help Burlingame Seniors Cope

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Seniors with dementia care needs might have problems with disorientation, anger and restlessness in large unfamiliar settings like the wedding venue. In addition, the concentration of people at a large reception and potential for loud music and dim lighting can make wedding events quite difficult for Burlingame seniors.

As the bride, you can help your grandparent prepare for this by allowing him or her to see the venue ahead of time to get familiar with the location. You also can talk to the wedding planner or venue coordinator about details such as handicap-accessible entrances, heating/cooling availability and options at the facility etc. Or, you could encourage your elderly loved ones to only attend the wedding ceremony and skip the reception. Another good option if your senior can’t attend the wedding would be for the bride to have the wedding videotaped so that your Burlingame senior feels like he or she can “attend” the wedding without the stress of going to the actual wedding.

If your senior insists on attending the reception, please ensure that he or she has a dementia care provider or trusted family member that will stay with your loved one the entirety of the event. This can help avoid catastrophes like falling, general confusion etc. NuevaCare’s dementia care providers will even provide transportation assistance for your senior, so this can greatly reduce stress for the bridal party on the day of the wedding.

Another important factor for seniors (especially those with memory issues or receiving dementia care assistance) is medications. If the wedding runs long into the evening, this can make it easy to forget about medications that need to be taken. Thankfully, NuevaCare’s caregivers can attend the wedding with your senior and provide medication reminders to help ensure that seniors get the meds needed.


Weddings and Dementia Care: How to Help Burlingame Seniors Cope
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