Dementia Care in Woodside: Dealing with Good and Bad Days

Like the rest of us, seniors needing dementia care assistance will have both good and bad days. Sometimes your Woodside senior will be very clear about what’s going on around him or her and will be able to function almost normally. But then there will be other days…days of confusion that are so frustrating and discouraging, you want to run to another room and cry.

Flexibility is key to effective dementia care

Did you know that there are different kinds of dementia? Vascular Dementia is related to inadequate blood flow and can affect cognition depending on whether or not there is blockage to the brain.1 Another type is Lewy Body Dementia, which can cause hallucinations and make it hard for seniors to focus attention on the task at hand.2 People even relate Lewy Body Dementia to a “roller coaster” because it causes rapid mood swings.3 Make sure that your Woodside senior gets a full doctor’s evaluation and diagnosis to ensure that he or she gets the specialized care needed.

Caregivers offer help amidst the craziness

Caregivers offering dementia care assistance in Woodside need to be especially mindful of the fact that seniors will have good and bad days. A trained caregiver will work to encourage your senior by celebrating with him or her on a good day (maybe an outing to the local park!). On a bad day, a dementia care provider will offer a patient hand of help for medication reminders, grooming / dressing and meal preparation.

True, caregivers can offer a lot of assistance and can take away some of the emotional strain of caring for a loved one with dementia. However, caregivers, seniors and family members all need to be realistic about dementia care. Your senior’s health will be an ongoing struggle for the rest of his or her life. Because dementia will affect your senior differently than otherse, it’s important to be flexible and adaptable to his or her specific needs. NuevaCare’s dementia care providers can come on a schedule that works for your Woodside senior. NuevaCare even offers 24 / 7 home care assistance if your senior gets to the place where that is needed.

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Dementia Care in Woodside: Dealing with Good and Bad Days
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