Driving Miss Daisy: Home Care Services for your Woodside Senior

The movie, “Driving Miss Daisy,” well documents the difficulties of old age as it relates to driving. As Americans, we love our vehicles and the freedom and independence it gives. Without a car, one can’t experience life…at least it can feel that way. At NuevaCare, we want to help your Woodside senior have the independence he or she craves while still ensuring his or her safety. Our home care services, such as assisting your senior with transportation needs, can achieve this goal.

Home care services offer the “lift” your Woodside senior needs

Driving Miss Daisy: Home Care Services for your Woodside Senior

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Transportation in today’s world is all over the place. Some bike to work. Others use apps to summon an Uber or Lyft driver to pick them up. Still others use public transportation like subways or buses to get around. But the majority of us drive a car to get from place to place. And we depend on our cars.

If you’re an aging adult, though, driving a car is difficult and could be deadly. Some issues that could cause your Woodside senior to have driving issues include:

Poor eyesight – If your senior can’t see well, he or she shouldn’t be driving. Period. Let NuevaCare’s caregivers offering home care services for transportation take your loved one to his or her doctor appointments or to visit a family member. Even a short drive to a park so your senior can sit outside with a caregiver could be a special treat!

Cognitive impairment – Driving requires making quick decisions (such as stopping for red lights, merging into traffic etc) that are more difficult for the elderly. Also, seniors struggling with memory retention will have difficulties with following the rules of the road and may have issues with understanding road signs. Owning a vehicle also requires keeping it properly maintained and dealing with car mechanics takes a finesse and knowledge that seniors might struggle with.

Physical limitations – Difficulty getting in and out of a car, pressing the accelerator or brake etc.

NuevaCare offers home care services like transportation assistance to help take that worry off your shoulders. Your Woodside senior doesn’t have to mess with the traffic or feel trapped by limited vision and mobility. Home care services are designed to give seniors the independence and dignity they need to continue living as valuable members of society. In addition to transportation solutions, NuevaCare caregivers can help Woodside seniors with meal preparation, grooming, bathing and more. Give us a call today!


Driving Miss Daisy: Home Care Services for your Woodside Senior
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